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The Home Office… Costly, wasteful & incoherent!

This little gem arrived courtesy of our postal service this week.

I’m one of 50 000 selected at random to take part in this year’s survey.
Actually I won’t be because I’m disqualified by virtue of my primary employment. But never mind I still get to keep the 6 ‘free’ First Class postage stamps the Home Office (aka the Taxpayer) kindly included regardless!

This is of course one of a plethora of such surveys now vital to the function of government. From the back of the leaflet…
“BMRB is an independent agency specialising in social research. It carries out many research studies for the Government. BMRB and Kantar Operations are all part of the Kantar Group. BMRB delivers research services to end clients and Kantar Operations provides the necessary fieldwork for data collection”

Under the heading ‘What is the purpose of the British Crime Survey?’ the leaflet contains such startling gems as…
“The BCS has shown that having security measures considerably reduces the risk of having a car stolen”
… Well I never!
“The BCS has shown that young people are more likely to have their mobile phone stolen”
… Who’d have have thought it!!

But the real beauty that neatly sums up the whole pointlessness of the process & the quality of the vacuous, poorly educated morons we employ on our behalf to produce this drivel is the following head scratcher…
“The BCS has shown that the risk of car crime in car parks is actually much greater after the length of time that a vehicle is parked is taken into account. This research has informed the importance of car park safety”

Go on, read it a few times & savour the delicious incoherence of it. I shall put intuition to one side, neatly ignoring what it meant to say & talk my researcher through what it actually says… “So if we don’t take the length of time into account we can instantly make car parks safer?…so let’s bin the survey altogether & we’ve cracked it… safer car parks & a shed load of money saved!” As for the second sentence, the pedant in me could play all day. Shocking that such drivel could make the final print of a leaflet with ‘Home Office’ across the top.

The tragedy is that the leaflet is a tiny symbol of the poor quality & profligate waste in our Government & Public Services. When will someone get a grip of it?

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Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’

The 9 minute beat poem with accompanying text…

A masterpiece fast becoming something of a Rationalist anthem.
A live video of Tim was available on YouTube for a time but has sadly been removed for the present. I hope in time Tim will allow an official version once his current tour is complete Down Under. The visuals add something to the performance, especially a little visual gag near the end – the audience can be heard to giggle.
I heartily recommend Tim’s DVD !
An animated movie version is in production – see links. It promises to be quite excellent.

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The ‘Elephant in the Room’… Population Control

Firstly a look at the local picture here in the UK.

Britain is a relatively densely populated country (246 people per it is more than twice as densely populated as France (106 people per, nine times as densely populated as the USA (27 people per and 100 times as densely populated as Australia (2 people per

Historical population figures…

1600 Just over 4 million
1700 5 million
1801 8 million
1851 20 million
1901 40 million
1951 50 million
2001 59 million
2008 61.4 million
2029 70 million (Office for National Statistics Projection…70% due to immigration)

Some recent facts….

According to Government figures, immigration at current levels will add about 7 million to the population of England by 2031 equivalent to 7 cities the size of Birmingham.

In 2009 England is expected to overtake Holland as the most crowded country in Europe.

According to Government statistics, a new home for immigrants needs to be built every six minutes.

Immigration directly added a million people to the UK’s population in just five years – 2003 to 2007.

There was a net inflow of 2.3 million people to the UK between 1991 and 2006.
8% came from the new East European members of the EU.

We can bang on about causes of climate change all we like but the real social & environmental tragedy is the abject failure to deal with this problem.
Until population is stabilised there can be no real planning for infrastructure such as roads… we’ll always need more!
No coherent housing policy… we’ll always need more!
No protection for the green belt nor the environment generally… we’ll always need to plunder it more!

The obsession with so called climate change is diverting attention away from the real tragedy unfolding…
A tragedy for the environment generally.
An ever greater demand on precious resources both locally & globally.
A steady diminishment of quality of life for each individual.

The global picture…

While we obsess about unproven & massively overstated climate change factors we advance solutions that prevent the third world developing.
The third world is the real source of the tragedy.
Poor economies go hand in hand with high birth rates.
Economic migration drives these people to the developed world, swelling populations there.
The cycle continues, policy keeping poor people poor, birth rates consequentially high & the pressure on world resources ever greater.

Wealth creates choice… Birth rates are low & in fact populations (less migrants) in decline in many developed countries.

A solution…

Managed migration designed to stabilise populations & adjust demographics is needed for sustainable development in wealthy countries.
Industrialisation utilising local resources, including clean coal, is essential for developing nations, improving wealth, health & giving those people longer, healthier lives leading to choice & consequent drops in birth rates.

Rather than hampering the 3rd World we should be assisting them to develop & to have the luxury of being able to choose sustainable, green policies.

It is a scandal that current policy keeps them poor, telling them they can’t have power stations & electricity & their share in the wealth of the world.
Their individual footprint might need to increase in the short term in order to create a stabilised, sustainable, industrialised world for the future.

The climate change agenda prevents that on all levels, squandering our finite wealth on half baked ‘eco’ projects, whilst spectacularly failing to tackle the real issue for the long term.

…when are we going to make a start on addressing this fundamental fact?

US stand-up Doug Stanhope savagely points out the conveniently overlooked ‘elephant in the room’ of the Climate Change debate… Overpopulation…

Brutally put but I think he has a point!

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It’s time to challenge the consensus…

So much nonsense… time to attempt to make some sense of it all.